Film studios facilities

With its landscape in the heart of the desert, its ethnic diversity and exceptional light,
Ouarzazate has turned into a big film set. Over time, two film studios and one museum have been created.

Atlas Corporation Studios

Professionals or visitors passing through southern Morocco,
the famous ATLAS Film Studios, created in 1983, welcomes you in Ouarzazate, at the gates of the desert.

First Film Studio located in North Africa, the site is spread over 20 hectares and offers all necessary services and equipments for productions: exterior and interior sets, production offices, workshops, stables with trained animals and accommodation in the Oscar Hotel. Perfect for business events or festive evenings, the studios is open daily for visitors that will discover Tibetan Temple, Egyptian palaces, Kasbahs and other unusual environments.

• 3 office blocks (24 offices) covering 350 sqm
• 17 workshops of decoration and costume professions covering3 500 sqm
• 1 carpentry workshop equipped with machines covering 600 sqm
• Stables with horses, camels and other trained animals
• 1 hotel comprising 55 rooms and suites with pool, bar and restaurant
• 1 backlot covering 100 000 sqm comprising several existing Roman, Egyptian, Tibetan, Kasbah sets and others.

CLA Studios

CLA Studios is created in 2004, in partnership with Dino de Laurentis, Cinectittà and Sanam Holding.

CLA Studios offers an optimal and complete configuration for the big film and television productions, thanks to its installations and services; Film sets, changing rooms, diverse workshops, immense outer sets, offices, restaurants. Everything the needs for a big production! Ideally situated in Morocco, to Ouarzazate, CLA Studios take advantage of assets of the region; varied landscapes, going of the desert to oases, by way of the mountain relief and plain green, it under an omnipresent sun, in the extraordinary light.

• 2 shooting stages (60x30x12m below grill) : 1800 m² each
• 20 makeup rooms and annexes : 1600 m²
• 1 swimming pool in the stage (15x10x3 m)
• 4 decoration workshops : 2400 m² in total
• 3 office blocks (120 offices) covering: 2452 m²
• costume and dressing workshop: 1000 m²
• 16 offices for personalized use: 400 m²
• 1 Restaurant: 760 m
• 1 architecture and scenery workshop «Art Department»: 306m²
• A department for shooting equipment.
• 4 ha of different buildings for the storage of various scenery forms. They can also be used as stables and areas of animal training.
Studios also include a backlot of 1,560,000 square meters allowing for the construction and preservation of large outdoor scenery.

Ouarzazate Cinema Museum

Opened in June 2007, located at the site of an old studio, the museum reflects the will of the authorities to preserve film heritage of Ouarzazate. In this perspective, the Film Museum recalls the history of the studios of Ouarzazate and great films made in these places.

• 1 office blocks (6 offices)
• 2 workshops of decoration and costume professions covering
• 2 backlot covering 6000 sqm comprising several existing Roman, Egyptian, Christian, Jewish, Musulman, village sets and others.